Come and see

Come and See

On the glass doors of our sports hall there is an engraved invitation to come, and be healed and restored.

Hong Kong


Shing Min Springs

We currently house 200-300 men and women, facing all kinds of addiction problems. They live in houses around Hong Kong where they are healed, restored and prepared to go out and share the love of Jesus...



Teenagers can come and live with us if they have had problems at home or at school, or if they are battling with addiction. Wherever they come from, through faith in Jesus, they find family, a hope and a future...

GoGetters Edcation Programme

Our education programme

We have our own HKEDB-recognised education programme where we use creative learning techniques to bring out the best in everyone, no matter what their background...



We long to see our city full of healthy families that are following Jesus together. Through Parent Support Groups, Family Communication Workshops, Marriage Support and Mums' & Toddlers’ Group we aim to grow strong families for the people in our houses and outside...


Go Kids

All over Hong Kong, parents are re-thinking what they want for their growing children. From one mother who wanted to make a different way for her children and invited others to come on the journey, we now have a growing community of parents, bursting at the seams…



We are called to go to the poor and in need, as they may not be able to come to us. We have groups all over Hong Kong trying to reach vulnerable people: the poor, elderly, addicts, street sleepers and refugees...




We meet all over Hong Kong in parks, offices, sitting rooms and disused factory buildings, to eat together, worship, pray, read the Bible and encourage each other. All of it could be described as ‘church'...