Chung Yin

"The things I have today.. I'm not even worthy of them. But He's given everything for me."

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Coming to live with us


We have men’s and women’s houses all over Hong Kong where people who need help can come and live for a while in a safe, loving, family environment. There is no set timescale or programme. We encourage those receiving help to stay as long as it takes for Jesus to help them deal with their problems.

Many are dealing with addiction, but we welcome anyone who wants to receive help. Teenagers might come and live with us because they have been excluded from the Hong Kong education system or have problems at home.

We welcome people of all backgrounds; whether Hong Kong, Nepalese, Filipino, Vietnamese, or Western.


How people come

There are three main ways people come to live with us.

The first is finding us by themselves. They might have heard about us from a friend or relative. They then get in touch by calling, emailing, arranging a meeting, or coming to our weekly ‘Addicts’ Meeting’ in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.

Second is through referral from a Probation Officer. Some come with a Probation Order where a court has recommended they spend time in rehabilitation instead of going to prison.

Third is by recommendation from a Social Worker who has a relationship with us and thinks it would be a good place for a new start.


Daily life in our houses

In our houses, our residents are helped to come off drugs and begin a new life in Jesus. They start to understand why they became addicted to drugs and through prayer and worship, allow God to heal the hurts from their past. They grow up and mature, learn how to relate to others and practice how to use their time. They find that God has placed talents, skills and passions in each of us, and discover His calling for their lives.

Days in the house are spent worshipping, reading the Bible, eating together, playing sport and working (cleaning, maintenance and work for the community). There are regular recreation days which include hiking, cycling and camping. There is also the opportunity to take classes which help train them in the necessary vocational skills to get jobs in Hong Kong and elsewhere. These include lifeguarding, car mechanics, hospitality, design, IT, renovation, cooking and English classes.


The next stage

After some time living in our first stage houses, our men and women move to second stage houses in different areas of Hong Kong. Here they live in smaller families are begin to look towards the future.

As well as regular worship, prayer and Bible discussion they begin to develop life skills and continue the process of restoring their family relationships.

They join outreach teams in Hong Kong, sharing with the poor and other addicts what Jesus has done in their lives. They may also begin to do some part-time work.

Some go back to work full time, or join an overseas mission team to share Jesus with the poor in other countries. Others return to our first stage houses, to help others go through the 'growing up' process that they’ve experienced.

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