As followers of Jesus, we are called to go to the ends of the earth to preach the Good News, reach the poor and make disciples.

Missions: To the Ends of the Earth


On the glass doors of the sports hall at our home in Shatin, there is an engraving; it is a picture of a spring that splits into four rivers which flow out to the ends of the earth. This home, as well as our other homes in Hong Kong, is a place where people from a variety of backgrounds from around the world come to meet Jesus, be healed, restored and set free from the things that bind them.

But our hope is not that they will come and stay. Our hope is that in their healing and restoration, they are touched with some of God’s heart for the poor and lost, and will respond to His call to go and make disciples.

So, as well as being a place of healing, it is also a place of sending. We aim to equip followers of Jesus with the skills and knowledge they need to go to wherever God calls them to preach the Gospel. Right now, all over Asia, we have people climbing mountains, building houses and growing communities.


10:40 Window

The most unreached people groups in the world live in what’s called the 10:40 window. They also happen to be the poorest.

Our heart is for these people in particular. So, we send teams all over Asia to share Jesus with the poorest of the poor.

Today, we have people prayer walking through the land, going from village to village, telling the people they meet about the God who healed them, and set them free from addiction. We regularly see physical healing miracles, food multiplication and families who come to know Jesus, receive the power of the Holy Spirit and are baptised.

Silk Route

The Silk Route

Over the past few years we have been prayer walking from the Middle East through to Hong Kong. We discovered that the old opium trade routes were the same as the Silk Road.

Our vision is to see these roads redeemed and become a Holy Highway (Isaiah 35). So we walk these roads, praying and sharing the love of Jesus along the way. We worship on the mountain tops, pray for the land and see homes along the way where those affected by the bad trades can be set free.


Listening posts

'Faith comes by hearing’ (Romans 10:17), so wherever we go we take ‘Proclaimers’ with us. These are handheld audio players which contain the Bible in local colloquial languages.

Many of the people we meet could not afford to go to school, and many cannot read. So, hearing the Bible - almost definitely for the first time - is an amazing gift.

Whole villages gather round as people clamour to hear stories of Jesus from the Gospels. Many believe in Him when they hear what He did, and some are instantly healed as they listen.

When we cannot speak their language, or stay longer, we leave our 'Proclaimers' with them. Often, when we return, we find they've lent them out around the whole village!


Rehabilitation Houses

Our background is in seeing people set free from addiction. So, we have houses springing up all over Asia, where people battling addiction problems can come to meet Jesus, be set free and grow up again in a safe, loving, family environment. Men and women who have lived with us in Hong Kong have also gone to live in these houses and share what they’ve learnt.

For a long time we have also fought to see people set free from slavery in all forms. Most recently we have set up a house for women who have been freed from trafficking and prostitution and need a safe place to be healed and learn to be loved by their Heavenly Father.