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Goodworks Ltd

Good Works

Goodworks provides a way for our people to find employment so that they may provide for themselves and their families and have time and energy to help the poor in their community.

Many of the men and women who come to receive residential help from us find it hard to find good employment in safe places. Our aim at Good Works is to secure contracts with good companies in Hong Kong who can employ our men and women with useful work in secure environments.

Goodworks also acts as a recruitment agency, helping our men and women find full and part-time jobs around Hong Kong. It also supports anyone who wants to start small businesses themselves.

So far, through Goodworks, our men and women have secured contracts in a broad variety of industries including F&B, construction, furniture removal, logistics, renovation and decoration, land clearance, cleaning and housekeeping.

We have also set up a number of small and medium sized businesses including Bez & Oho, Wooden Wonders (carpentry) and Pasar Laksa (catering).

Through Goodworks we provide training sessions for interviewing, work training support and regular contact after our men and women have started their work placements.

Goodworks is a limited company, based in our factory building in Lai Chi Kok.


Rhidian Brook

Rhidian is an old friend of ours; a novelist, screenwriter and broadcaster. He and his family have travelled around the world researching the books and films he has written, and they often stay with us in Hong Kong.

His most recent novel, The Aftermath has just been published in the UK by Penguin and is currently being translated into 23 languages.

Rhidian is well known in Britain for being a regular contributor to “Thought for the Day” on BBC Radio 4.

Kevin and Rene Conner

Kevin and Rene Conner

Kevin and Rene are great friends of ours.

Born in Melbourne and with a background in the Salvation Army, Kevin has been involved in teaching ministry for the past four decades. He has lived in Australia, New Zealand and USA and has written an extraordinary 66 text books including hugely insightful work on the Tabernacle.

He and Rene come to visit us as often as they can and we always deeply blessed by their wisdom and depth of Biblical knowledge.

Philip Lawson Johnston

Engraved bowl

Philip is the man behind the beautiful engravings on the doors of our Sports Hall, (see here). He spent a scorchingly hot week in the summer of 2009 hand-engraving the doors.

In 2009 Philip was granted a Royal Warrant to be Hand-Engraver of Glass to Her Majesty The Queen in England, and was once commissioned to produce a present for Prince Charles' birthday. He is also a gifted songwriter and worship leader.

James Odgers

James Odgers

James Odgers is an old friend of ours. In 1987 he left the practice of law in London to go to Hong Kong where he spent time living and working with us. What particularly affected him there was not so much the absolute levels of human degradation and poverty that he encountered but the ever-widening gap that exists between those of us who have and can give and those who are in need.

On the plane leaving Hong Kong in September 1987, James wrote the original mission statement for Besom - that it should provide a bridge between those who want to give money, time, skills or things, and those who are in need. It ensures that what is given is used effectively. The Besom began in the spare bedroom of James' basement flat in Shepherds Bush in London and now, some 26 years later, there are over 30 different Besoms scattered around the UK, all following the same principles and vision.

Face to Face

FACE to Face seeks to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society turn their talents into a business of their own. Currently working in South London with women from African and Caribbean communities, mainly single mothers, FACE to Face helps to build livelihoods for those who are eligible for state benefits or in low paid work, by offering a free business training course, interest-free loans and ongoing business support.

James Odgers Farm

For the past 10 years, James and his family have run Stream Farm in Somerset, UK. Their aim at Stream Farm is to show that the British countryside is far better served by large numbers of small farms selling their produce directly to those who are going to eat it rather than by just a few huge farms selling to the supermarkets.

To that end, they have started a number of small farming businesses on their 250-acre farm with the intention of handing each one on, once it can be seen to be profitable and can earn a livelihood, to farmers who want to be part of the vision.

Vic Gledhill

Vic Gledhill

Vic has been involved in leading Walsall Community Church since 1985, and has been involved in training other leaders since the 1970’s. As well as his work in the UK he has spent many years going from village to village in Asia and Africa, preaching the Good News.

Vic's life message is simple: People are important. The fruit of his commitment to mission is the birth of many social action projects all over the world.

Vic is often used powerfully in seeing extraordinary healing, see here for stories.

He and his wife often visit us in Hong Kong to share of what they’re doing.

Roger Wagner

Roger Wagner

We came to know Roger through his wife, Annie, who worked with us in Hong Kong for many years. (She is “Ruth” to Roger’s “Boaz” in his painting by that name). Roger is the artist responsible for the wonderful painting which is on the wall at the entrance to Shing Mun Springs. He depicts Jesus and Peter walking on the water, and the backdrop is the Hong Kong skyline. Roger painstakingly hand-painted each tile five times and fired them three times in England, before carrying them to Hong Kong and mounting them here.

Born in 1957, Roger Wagner read English at Oxford University before studying at the Royal Academy School of Art. He has been represented in London since 1985 by Anthony Mould Ltd exhibiting there many times. Other one man shows include retrospectives at the Ashmolean Museum in 1994 and 2010. He has produced several books of illustrated poems and translations: Fire Sonnets (1984), In a Strange Land (1988), A Silent Voice (1997), Out of the Whirlwind (1997). ), The Book of Praises – a translation of the psalms Book One(1994) Book Two (2008). His major work Menorah was acquired by the Ashmolean Museum in 2010 and hangs in St Giles Church Oxford.

His new stained glass window was installed in St Mary's Iffley in 2012. His most recent exhibition 'The ocean in a tree' (with Mark Cazalet) was held at the Snape Maltings Concert Gallery at the end of last year, and this year he will be exhibiting again in London at the end of April.

Helen, Grace and Jane

Helen and Grace are missionaries in South Africa. They first met Jackie in Cape Town in 1985. They had spent the previous 13 years based in Cape Town but travelling extensively around the Republic, working with people of just about every background to meet needs in their communities, and to trying to be a community in all the trauma of apartheid days.

After the change-over they worked in the townships around Gauteng, creating jobs and trying to help people support each other. They saw many people healed and helped. Their friend Jane ran a clinic, and they helped set up the Come Together Orphanage.

They moved down to Franschhoek in the Western Cape five and a half years ago. Since then they have been part of the Umbrella Community Help Organisation. They have set up a sewing group, they have been supporting a disabled group of gardeners, and are running a business school in a Wendy house on a plot in the middle of the township.

In their own words: “We do whatever comes up that we sense the Almighty is indicating as our bundle. We spend hours with individuals and many come from all over the place to talk and pray. We are part of a number of small groups where we are all trying to see where we fit in to God's plan.”