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In Hong Kong, there are approximately 150,000 young people of school age who are out on the streets at night and rarely go home. They are unwanted at local schools, get into drugs and have poor relationships with their families.

We call our teenagers ‘GoGetters’ because no matter where they come from, in Jesus they have hope and a future.

We believe we have the most special teenagers in Hong Kong living with us; each of them uniquely, brilliantly created. It is a wonderful privilege to see them discover the gifts that God has placed in them, and build strong foundations for the rest of their lives.


How they come to live with us

Many of our GoGetters come to live with us because of problems at home or school. There are three main ways:

First is through their parents or guardians. Their parents might have heard about us from friends or through our outreach or congregations. Then they get in touch and arrange a meeting.

Second is through referral from a Probation Officer. Some of our GoGetters come with a Probation Order where a court has recommended they spend some time in a safe place to deal with their problems. We are one of their options.

Third is by recommendation from a social worker who has a relationship with us and thinks it would be a good place for a new start.


Daily life

When our GoGetters arrive, they live together in a family house. The boys live at Shing Mun Springs; the girls in a different part of Hong Kong. They spend every day learning, playing games, sport and music, worshipping, praying, listening to the Bible, and taking lessons in our GoGetters Education Programme

Many of our GoGetters previously struggled with traditional Hong Kong schooling, so our education programme has its own bespoke curriculum. We acknowledges that people learn in different ways, and so we aim to help them discover how is is that they learn. Our GoGetters find out what they enjoy and are good at, and in the process, their self-confidence grows.


Growing and learning

We focus on creative and interactive learning, using small-group discussion, practical work and projects. As well as the core subjects of Chinese, Maths and English, lots of time is spent on more creative areas such as art, design, music, dance, cooking, IT and sport.

Our GoGetters also grow up in their faith, discover how to follow Jesus, deal with the past and prepare to return home to their families. Everything we do is rooted in prayer and the Bible; we believe that only God can restore broken relationships and heal our hurts.


Parent support

We also support the parents and families of our GoGetters. We have regular workshops and training sessions, so that parents can learn how to better relate to their children when they go back home. In a safe environment, parents and teenagers learn together how to communicate, express their feelings and live in a healthy family.

Over their time living with us, our aim is that our GoGetters gradually rebuild relationships with their parents and siblings.

We have seen some extraordinary stories of restoration.


Come and see!

We also hold a regular GoGetters Camp, in which teenagers living outside have the opportunity to come and spend a few days experiencing what it’s like to live with us.

Our GoGetters programme has become such a success that many of our teenagers have visited Hong Kong schools to share their testimonies of what God has done in their lives.

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