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GoGetters Education Programme


Teenagers (or ‘GoGetters’) who come to live with us have the option to attend our education programme, which is officially recognised by the HKEDB.

Often, the reason our teenagers previously struggled with school is because it did not suit the way their minds worked. We use the principle of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ which acknowledges that people learn in different ways.

Our aim is to inspire young people to get to know how they learn and who they are. We want to prepare them for their future by helping them discover and explore their talents and dreams.

Shing Mun Springs

We have created a curriculum from the perspective of the student rather than the teacher. We use lots of small-group discussion, practical work and projects, to help our GoGetters engage with their studies. As a result, they feel more motivated and self-confident.

It’s a creative, inspirational environment, where as well as the essentials like Chinese and English, we have a strong focus on arts, music and dance, and practical vocational qualifications like car mechanics and lifeguarding.

Our aim is that by the time our GoGetters leave our programme, they have built a portfolio of recognized qualifications.

The Curriculum

Here are some examples of what our GoGetters can study...


  • Chinese Reading/Writing
  • Maths/Thinking
  • IT/Technology
  • Everyday English
  • Adventure Training
  • Serving the Community
  • Liberal Studies


  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bass


  • Design
  • Printing
  • Photography

Click here to look at a collection of our GoGetters’ Art work


  • Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Breakdance
  • Football/Volleyball/
  • Swimming

Practical Qualifications:

  • Beauty
  • Food and Beverage
  • Lifeguarding
  • Car Mechanics
Support Groups

Parenting Support Groups

We know that when a teenager comes to live with us, it’s a decision that affects their whole family. We want to help parents understand our live-in training and re-parenting process. So, we request that all parents or guardians come to our regular Parent Support Groups.

In each meeting, we come together to exchange ideas and advice about parenting. Through workshops, games and discussions, parents have the opportunity to learn how to relate healthily to their children. For more information on our Parent Support, click here…

If you’re interested in coming to live with us, do get in touch…