We exist to preach the Good News, reach the poor and see people set free through faith in Jesus Christ.

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Live worship CD

Our Family, Our Song. The live recording of our homegrown songs is out and available on CD! Pick up a copy at one of our congregation meetings. Enquiries at info@ststephenssociety.com.


Overnight Prayer Meeting

8:30pm, 31st Dec 2014
Lai Chi Kok Factory

In the last hours of the 2014, we will gather to pray for the nations, and especially for places in the world where we have hands and feet on the ground, including Hong Kong. English Breakfast is served at the end.

Fabiano Conference Testimonies

“Before whenever I faced any sort of pressure, I would become extremely confused and lose all focus, entering into a state where I had no idea what I was doing or what to do next, whilst all the while accumulating energy within. During ministry time, Jesus showed me a picture of when I was in my mother’s womb. At the time, all was dark and it felt like something was pressing down relentlessly on me. I experienced fear, anxiety and exhaustion, and sat there sobbing. I invited Jesus to enter into this picture, and he started turning all the darkness into light. He released me from the thing that was pressing down on me, and I felt delivered from a feeling of death. After receiving prayer, when I find myself in similar situations of pressure, I am able to remain clear about what I am doing and face the situation. Emotionally I really feel as if I have been set free!” Ah Wing, 18y.o.

“At the conference, I started to realize that I go to great lengths to avoid dealing with problems. During ministry time on the 3rd day of the conference, the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of when I was in school and one of my teachers was frequently abusing me for my poor academic performance, to the point where I would spend the entire class hiding in the toilet to avoid any chance of persecution by him. In this picture, Jesus came and led me out and back to class where just as my teacher was about to begin scolding me, Jesus stopped him, saying “This is my son”. And this really stopped him. Jesus then continued to reassure me that he would protect me, and that no one would be able to diminish me any longer because I belong to him. I am looking forward to facing and solving problems! “ Tsz Wan, 18